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(The agenda is posted approximately one week prior to the meeting date.)

Agenda for February 22, 2018


Call to order

Open Public Meetings Act statement

Roll call

Instructions to visitors

     December (all Board members were present)
     January (Tom, Dick, and Irmgard; Tammy present by phone)
Director's report

Action on bills
     See bill list

Unfinished business
Continuing education assignments - Tom and Darren

New business
     Transfer remaining MA to capital after all bills paid?
     Phase II window replacement project - possible grant application
     2018 budget proposal
          Meeting with Mayor & Council on Feb. 27 at 7:00pm - who will go?
     Annual certifications for BCCLS and Baker & Taylor
     Various statistics sheets
          Bring the sheets handed out in January - included year of highest circulation, year of highest patron visits, budget
               divided by circulation, per capita circulation
          BCCLS total circulation 2014 - 2017
          BCCLS libraries circulation 2014 - 2017
     Master Plan assignment (to be done each January) - how long with the Special Account last
     Girl Scout request for project 
Public presentation to Board



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