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Minutes of The Montvale Free Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

held in the Library on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 7:30 P.M.




I.          Roll Call


            In Attendance:                        Donald Løndahl-Smidt, President

                                                          Tom Bonnell, Trustee

                                                          Tammy King, Trustee

                                                          Irmgard Oelkers, Trustee

                                                          Nancy  Racich, Trustee

                                                         Vicki Slockbower, Trustee

                                                         Dick Voorhees, Mayor’s Alternate

                                                         Susan Ruttenber, Director


            Excused:                     Darren Petersen, Superintendent of Schools





Donald Løndahl-Smidt stated that the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Act have been satisfied.




II.        Minutes


The Minutes of the October 26, 2017 meeting were approved as presented.



S/Bonnell                    Motion Carried


1 Abstention



III.       Director’s Report


The November Director’s Report prepared by Ms. Ruttenber is included with the Minutes.


Susan advised the board that the final cost breakdown of the generator has been received.  The library’s share of the cost is approximately $30,000. 

Financial Report – November 2017


NJ Cash Management Fund                           $  70,892.25

Reserves                                                       $    1,887.55

Chase Checking                                            $    5,294.71

Chase Savings                                               $  55,382.40

October Closing Balance                               $133,456.91


Encumbered – All Sources                             $   28,800.52


Unencumbered Funds                                     $ 104,656.39



            Action on Bills


            Be it resolved by the Board of Trustees of The Montvale Free Public Library that the attached November bill list, totaling $13,454.22, is hereby ordered paid.



            S/Voorhees                              Carried Unanimously



IV.       Unfinished Business


            BCCLS Credit Card Policy


The board discussed the new BCCLS billing structure. This includes the use of credit cards to pay library fines starting in January 2018.  The credit card payment is only for paying fines online, not for in person fine payments.


Currently, if someone comes into the library to pay for a lost item by cash or check, we give them a receipt. We hold on to the money for 30 days. If within that time they find the lost item, we give them the money back.  After 30 days, they have bought it.


The problem with the credit card system will be that depending on when the lost item is paid, we might not see the money for 3 months.


The board made a motion to add to the current policy that effective 2018 if a patron pays for a lost item on-line by credit card, and the lost item is subsequently found, there will be no refund. 



S/Slockbower                          Carried Unanimously



V.        New Business


Annual Board Education


            Each year the board members are required to have seven hours of library education.  For this year, Susan suggested that each board member read an issue of American Libraries. Susan distributed copies of the magazine to the board members.


Whatever they find most interesting in their issue, each board member will present a brief summary at the December board meeting. The board members should keep track of approximately how long it took to read.



            Introduce the Slate of Officers for 2018


The Nominating Committee presented the following Slate of 2018 Board Officers:


             President                     Irmgard Oelkers         

            Vice President             Vicki Slockbower      

            Treasurer                     Tom Bonnell

            Secretary                     Tammy King


            The 2018 slate of officers will be voted on at the December library board meeting.




VI.       Adjournment


The Board made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:50 P.M.



            S/Løndahl-Smidt                                Carried Unanimously



                                                                  Respectfully submitted,

                                                         Lucille Moutenot


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