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Minutes of The Montvale Free Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

held in the Library on Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 7:30 P.M.


I.          Roll Call


            In Attendance:              Tom Bonnell, Trustee

                                                Tammy King, Trustee (present by phone)

                                                Donald Løndahl-Smidt, Trustee

                                                Vicki Slockbower, Trustee

                                                Dick Voorhees, Mayor’s Alternate

                                                Darren Petersen, Superintendent of Schools

                                                Susan Ruttenber, Director


            Excused                      Irmgard Oelkers, President

                                                Nancy Racich, Trustee



Vicki Slockbower stated that the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Act have been satisfied.




II.        Minutes


The Minutes of the December 14, 2017 meeting were approved as presented.



S/Løndahl-Smidt                    Carried Unanimously



The Minutes of the January 25, 2018 meeting were approved as presented.



S/Bonnell                                Motion Carried


2 Abstentions





III.       Director’s Report


Susan announced to the Library Board that she would be retiring as Director of the Montvale Library effective August 1st.  


Don, Darren and Vicki will be on the search committee for a new Library Director.


The Auditors, Garbarini & Co., P.C., did their annual library audit on February 10th.


Susan reported that delivery continues to be a huge problem, and there will be no improvement in the service for the next few months.  No items are being picked up until the warehouse is cleared out. A new delivery company needs to be found. Bids are due by March 1st. 



Financial Report – February 2018


NJ Cash Management Fund                           $  71,106.49

Reserves                                                        $    2,170.24

Chase Checking                                             $    5,704.20   

Chase Savings                                                 $  35,955.72

January Closing Balance                                  $114,936.65


Encumbered – All Sources                             $  34,165.18


Unencumbered Funds                                     $  80,771.47



            Action on Bills


            Be it resolved by the Board of Trustees of The Montvale Free Public Library that the attached February bill list, totaling $22,202.77, is hereby ordered paid.



            S/Voorhees                  Carried Unanimously



IV.       Unfinished Business


            Continuing Education Assignments


Tom and Darren presented a brief summary of what they found most interesting in their issues of American Libraries.  Their hours will go towards the library education hours need for 2018.

V.        New Business


            Transfer Balance of 2017 Municipal Appropriation Funds


The Board approved the transfer of the balance of the Municipal Appropriation Funds (approximately $16,000) to Capital after all the bills are paid.



S/Slockbower                          Carried Unanimously



Phase II Window Replacement Project – Possible Grant Application


The New Jersey voters approved the funding of grants to improve public libraries, and Susan informed the board that the library is eligible.  This would help with Phase II of the window replacement project. 


Maser Consulting is going to get us some estimates and the cost of a grant writer. 


The grant application will not be available until the fall, and we will know more as the year goes on.  The board agreed to keep the window replacement project on the agenda.



2018 Budget Proposal


The board reviewed the budget proposal prepared by Susan. 

The board made a motion to approve the 2018 Montvale Library Budget Proposal and Summary of Proposed 2018 Expenditures as presented - with the proposed municipal appropriation at $806,294.00.



S/Voorhees                              Carried Unanimously



2018 Mayor & Council Budget Proposal Meeting


There will be a budget meeting with the Mayor & Council on February 27th at 7:00 P.M.  Don, Irmgard and Susan will attend.


Annual Certifications for Baker & Taylor & BCCLS


Award a Non-Fair and Open Contract to Baker & Taylor, Inc.


The Board made a motion to award a non-fair and open contract for library materials and related processing to Baker & Taylor, Inc.


The value of this contract is estimated at $81,120.00, and the anticipated term of this contract is one year.





7 Ayes

0 Nays



Award a Non-Fair and Open Contract to the Bergen County Cooperative Library  System


            The Board made a motion to award a non-fair and open contract for the purchase of specialized library and computer services to the Bergen County Cooperative Library System.


The value of this contract is estimated at $29,810.00, and the anticipated term of this contract is one year.



            S/Bonnell                                Carried Unanimously


            7 Ayes

            0 Nays



Various Statistics Sheets


The board discussed the statics sheets that Susan prepared which included year of highest circulation, year of highest patron visits, and budget divided by circulation



Master Plan


As part of the review of the Master Plan, the board discussed how long the money in the special account will last.



Based on the fines and what we are spending, it appears we should be good until 2022.


This should be put on the agenda for next January as it should be reviewed every year.



Girl Scout Request for Project


The Montvale Girl Scouts would like to collect donations for the Animal Rescue “R” Us (ARRUS).   They have asked that the Montvale Library be a drop off location for supplies donated. 


The Board made a motion to approve the Montvale Girl Scouts having a drop-off for donations at the library during the last week of February and pick up by the last week of March for the Animal Rescue “R” Us.



S/King                                     Carried Unanimously



VI.       Adjournment


The Board made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 P.M.



S/Løndahl-Smidt                    Carried Unanimously


                                                                  Respectfully submitted,                                                     

          Lucille Moutenot       

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