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Whether you are new to the Internet or a seasoned surfer, you may need some help finding the perfect web site to answer your question.  Your Reference Librarian offers the following advice.  If you need more help, send me an e-mail or call the library (201-391-5090) and ask for George.

Think of the organization, government agency, academic institution, or association that is interested in your topic. Go directly to the source!  The people deeply interested in the same information you are looking for are likely to provide the most recent and most reliable information.  If you want the population of Montvale, go to the Census Bureau's web site.  If you are looking for background information on a doctor, go to the American Medical Association.  To find these web sites, use a search engine such as Google.  Once you get to a web site, look for a site map, index, or search feature which will let you find what you're looking for. You will also find that these organizations, agencies, and associations have already pulled together links to other relevant sites on the Internet!  In this manner, you eliminate the 99.9% of the Internet which won't help you.

Identify those responsible for the information. Anyone with access to the Internet can publish on the Internet in some form.  There are countless web pages, newsgroup messages, and e-mail messages that contain false information. Be careful.  Exercise good judgment.

What type of web site are you looking at? Look at the three letter extension in our address.  The "org" indicates that our web site is part of a non-profit organization. - the "edu" indicates an educational/academic web site. - the "com" indicates a commercial/for-profit web site.  - the "gov" indicates a government web site.


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