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  Master Plan

The mission of the Montvale Free Public Library is to provide modern library resources and services necessary to meet the evolving educational, recreational and informational needs of the public, thus enhancing individual and community life.

A Goal is a broad, general, timeless set of directions.  Goals outline what the people should receive from the library or what the library should have, or be able to do, to accomplish its mission.

Objectives are statements of specific programs of action to be taken or measurable results to be achieved within a specific period of time, which, if accomplished, will move the library closer to the goal.


To provide a collection in various media that reflects the Library’s Mission Statement


To maintain and enhance this collection through an organized and continual evaluation of the individual components and through subsequent additions to and deletions from the collection


To provide a collection that examines different viewpoints on a broad range of subjects


To impose no restrictions on access to all materials in the collection




Evaluate budget allocation for collection development taking into consideration the Building Program and the Space Needs Assessment by 12/1/2005 – DONE

Evaluate budget allocation for collection development taking into consideration patron use and basic goals of the Library:  12/1/2012 – DONE.  Review every three years or sooner if funding warrants it.

Examine the value of having a specific area of concentration in the library and determine the area, if needed, by 12/31/2005 – DONE (Travel Books collection expanded)

Review collection development policy every five years - DONE 7/2007.  Next evaluation:  8/2012 – DONE.  Next evaluation:  2017.

Review census figures to determine the languages(s), other than English, spoken in Montvale to gauge the demand for books in these languages.  If the population size of any given language indicates a need to collect materials in that language, conceive a plan and budget for implementation in 2013.  DONE.  No need at present.  Review figures for languages periodically.

Develop contingency plan and priority list to prepare for possible reduction of funding due to economic downturn and/or revised legislation.  Plan will review usage of and demand for materials in the collection and cost of said materials.  Timing:  10/2009.  Coordinate with Staff Development.  Review annually.



To maintain and continue to improve the physical plant to insure the capability of fulfilling the library’s Mission Statement and Goals


Items requiring major expenditure are listed in order of preference and will be completed as funds are available:

          #1  Work with Borough officials to replace remaining Library windows that are original to the building

          #2  Work with Borough officials on canopy (automatic doors installed 11/6/2007)

          #3  Work with Borough officials to soundproof the quiet study rooms

          #4  Repaint Library

          #5  Work with Borough officials to re-carpet the Library and replace extra padding at Circulation Desk

          #6  Work with Borough officials to replace main doors to Children’s Room with automatic doors

          #7  Repair/Replant/Re-mulch/Weed memorial reading garden

          #8  Add adjustable-height task chairs (or cushions) at adult “sit-down” PCs

          #9  Encourage Borough to install lighting at lot entrances and along Mercedes Drive

Re-upholster four damaged chairs from Children’s Room - 2015

Review allocation of shelf space for all collections every other year

Interior decoration:
·         Complete stack signs; paint columns in the Children’s Room; select, purchase and install artwork for the wall behind the Circulation desk by 12/31/2005 - DONE
·         Purchase plants and colorful pots by 12/31/2005 – DONE; replace plants as needed
·         In 2006 revisit interior design of Library to determine need for additional work – DONE – Revisit every other year

On an ongoing basis, work with Borough officials towards installation of automatic doors for the library and for the Municipal Complex – Doors installed 11/6/2007

Provide a rolling table at the microfilm/fiche reader/printer by 12/31/2005 - DONE

Evaluate and, if needed, provide anti-glare filters for PCs by 6/30/2006 – DETERMINED NOT NEEDED

Observe patron use of signage and adjust as indicated by 1/31/2007 – DONE.  Revisit in 2014 – DONE.  Revisit in 2017.

Review potential and justification for the following by 2017:
·         Glass area in current or future space in Library for discussion groups, etc.
·         Space for storing books, sorting books, and having book sales - DONE
·         Globe
·         Media Room

Continue to work with Borough officials to insure—for the safety of patrons and staff alike—that the second floor of the municipal complex is closed off when no one is supposed to be there – ONGOING.

Develop contingency plan in case of reduction of funding due to economic downturn and/or revised legislation.  Review dates for all facility improvement objectives – 3/2011 – DONE.  Revisit periodically or as funding warrants.

Work with Borough officials to replace the twenty-three single-pane windows (plus one defective window) with double-pane windows, as an energy-saving measure – 2011 – DONE.

Investigate need for replacement photocopier – 2013 – DONE.  New copier leased in 2013.

Investigate feasibility of network printer for all public PCs – 2013.  DONE – 15 new printers installed by BCCLS in 2013, after update to Windows 7.  Revisit in 2019.

Replace deteriorating book return – 2013 - DONE.

Review need for any furniture replacements/upgrades – 2014 – DONE.  Revisit periodically.





To develop an annual budget plan that satisfies the Mission Statement and Goals


To explore sources of funding other than the municipal appropriation


To evaluate the Library’s investments on a periodic basis and insure that any such investments are conservative in nature




 Explore the most cost-efficient methods to provide services and materials - ONGOING

Determine and train appropriate staff/Board member to assume continuation of the finance systems in the absence of Director with each new Board Treasurer (every two years)

Require participation of Board Treasurer in the annual budget discussions with Borough Administrator and Treasurer - ONGOING

Approach Montvale businesses for alternative funding opportunities, such as sponsorship of ESL or the Summer Reading Program – 2013.  Initial informal approach (advising companies of library services available to their employees) done in 2014.  Revisit periodically.

On an ongoing basis, pursue all relevant opportunities for grants

Beginning in 2008 review fine structure every three years and adjust as warranted

Determine “Reserves” amount to remain in NJCMF and to be used for emergencies – 8/2009; DONE – Revisit every four years or as funding warrants.

Establish a reserve fund for capital improvements with a designated amount – 11/2009; DONE – review annually.

Develop contingency plan and priority list to prepare for possible reduction of funding due to economic downturn and/or revised legislation – 10/2009 and review every year.  See Collection Development and Staff Development

Maintain a dedicated emergency fund, as recommended by the State Library – ONGOING

Provide annual funding for basic and continuing operating expenses not able to be included in the municipal appropriation including – but not limited to – audit, bank fees bulk mailing permit, delivery, ESL, legal advertising, miscellaneous, newsletters, professional development , photocopier service contract, reciprocal fee, reimbursements to other libraries, repairs//replacements, adult programs, and youth services programs – ONGOING

Maintain a dedicated line in reserves to cover annual cost of HVAC repairs until such time as cost can be included under the municipal appropriation - ONGOING



To maintain communication with members of the library community, including –but not limited to—local school libraries, the Bergen County Cooperative Library System and the Highlands Regional Library Cooperative


To promote and participate in resources sharing among the members of the library community




Explore opportunities to expand relationship with the Montvale School libraries, including tours of the Library - ONGOING

 Investigate the feasibility of joint programs with other public libraries on an ongoing basis

During the next five years, pursue opportunities of collection development with other libraries including, but not limited to, expensive reference materials.  During the past five years, no opportunities arose.  During the next five years, pursue if opportunities arise.




To keep the public informed about Library services and activities


To maintain a positive image for the Library


To cooperate with local school officials and staffs


To cooperate with local, state and federal government officials


To expand basic Library service by offering selected programs




Investigate feasibility of using Pascack Valley van for library transportation on a scheduled basis by 3/31/2006 – DONE; revisit in 2014

Revamp newsletter [won award 4/2007] to make it modern and sophisticated, entertaining and attractive by spring 2006 – DONE.  Newsletter won NJLA award in April 2007.

In cooperation with the Friends of the Library, establish their mission and discuss implementation by 4/30/2006 – DONE

Continue to liaise with Friends

Locate a site for collection, storage, and sale of used books to benefit the library by 3/31/2007 - DONE

Evaluate possibility of using the library for programs at times when it is not open by 6/30/2007 - DONE

Liaise with Borough Historian on an ongoing basis

Liaise with businesses on an ongoing basis




To insure that services are broad enough to meet the varying needs and interests of the different constituencies



Extend Sunday hours through July in 2006 - DONE

Evaluate extending Saturday and Sunday hours into August in 2007 – Revisit in 2012 – DONE.  Revisit as funding allows.

Investigate implementation of additional book discussion groups – Revisit in 2012 – DONE.  Promotion of book discussion groups is ongoing.

Reevaluate all programming during 2011 – DONE.  Revisit every three years.

Review hours of service biennially




To continue to hire qualified individuals for all levels of staffing


To maintain a program of in-house staff training for services and procedures


To encourage participation in workshops, seminars, discussion groups and advance study that enhance the employee’s value to the Library and to its users


To foster independent thinking and creativity


To continue to use the special talents of Library employees to the fullest extent possible




 Determine adequate staffing for children’s area and review staffing in other areas by 7/1/2006 - DONE

Review current job descriptions with each new hire

Develop job descriptions where needed by 12/31/2006 - DONE

As finances permit, adjust all library assistant rates to be in line with the rates paid by the Borough

Develop “on call” list for coverage at the Circulation and Reference desks in 2008 – DONE BY BCCLS

Develop contingency plan and priority list to prepare for possible economic downturn and/or revised legislation. – 10/2009 – Coordinate with Collection Development.  Review annually.

Establish succession plan for Library Director including timing of hiring and training requirements.  Set up committee: 11/2009.  Finish plan:  5/2010.  Review every other year, starting 2012.  

Review Personnel Policy every three years.



To encourage additional education for new and current Trustees by taking advantage of State Library programs and those provided by BCCLS, HRLC or other public library agencies


Insure that all Board members have sufficient knowledge of the Montvale Free Public Library

Review and make plans for Board members to meet current and future state requirements as necessitated by law - ONGOING

Set up and implement hands-on awareness programs for each member of the Board - ONGOING

Retrain Board members every two years as Board officers change


Each successive Board Treasurer should become “fully conversant” with all aspects of Library finances during the first six months of his/her term

Approved:  9/22/2005
Reviewed and revised:  3/22/2007
Reviewed and revised:  6/25/2009
Reviewed and revised:  3/24/2011
Reviewed and revised:  2/1/2012


Last modified June 30, 2017

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