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Where to take your old books

The Montvale Public Library only accepts popular fiction paperbacks in good condition.  We are unable to accept any other donations.  Please consider this list of other organizations:


Look in the yellow pages under the heading �BOOK DEALERS-USED & RARE.�  They probably won�t take paperbacks or textbooks, but will consider good used books in their subject areas. Libraries with an active Friends of the Library group are likely to hold book sales.  Donated books are sold to raise money for the library and programs.   Pittsburgh, PA. Distributes privately donated books (3 million annually) to underdeveloped countries. Call (412) 321-3160  or e-mail: Bbfound@aol.com Upper Marlboro, MD.  Accepts donations for its warehouse.  Books no older than 10 years, journals no older than 5 years, encyclopedias no older than 20 years, fiction hard/paper in good condition of any age.  Call (202) 473-8960 or e-mail: wproject@worldbank.org Lexington, KY.  Will begin accepting books in January 1999 for distribution throughout the US and over 100 developing countries.  Cal (606)254-6771 or e-mail: ibookp@iglou.com Scarsdale (NY) Women�s Group.  Sends books to American Peace Corps groups in the Philippines and Africa.  Call (914) 723-0024 Poughkeepsie, NY. Ships books to organizations worldwide.  Call (914) 473-1652 or (914) 471-9307
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